Why Gratitude Is Important

Why Gratitude Is So Important

Claire was on her way home from running errands all day with her children. She was hot and tired. The day had been filled with chaos and all she wanted was to grab some food from a fast food diner.

Then traffic unexpectedly stopped. A siren sounded in the distance and Claire looked ahead to see there had been a four car accident. Normally, she welcomed small delays as they gave her extra time to talk with her kids. But today, she didn’t feel like her usual peppy self.

After a few minutes passed, her son asked, “Mama, do you want to play the gratitude game? I bet we can count lots of stuff today!”

Her daughter said, “I’ll go first—I’m thankful we’re not one of the cars that were in the accident.”

Claire smiled at her daughter’s wisdom then helped her children continue listing things they could be grateful for. By the time the wreck was cleared, Claire’s sour mood had lifted and she felt peaceful.

Like Claire, there might be days you find it difficult to express gratitude. But gratitude has many benefits that you can tap into…

Gratitude and Attitude Are Choices

Gratitude Soothes You

It’s hard to be both stressed and grateful at the same time. While you can’t always choose your circumstances, you can lean into positive vibes by practicing gratitude no matter where you are or what’s going on.

Not only does gratitude soothe you mentally, it can also be good for you physically. Studies have shown that choosing to be grateful can alter your perception of pain, including chronic pain.

Gratitude Focuses You

It can be tempting to view all the things you don’t have in your life. Maybe you don’t have a car as nice as your friend’s. Perhaps your job isn’t as glamourous as someone else’s. Maybe you don’t have a lot of money or a big, beautiful house.

But when you embrace gratitude, it helps you focus on the important things in life, like your family, friends, and community. Your relationships matter far more than any material thing you might want.


Gratitude Energizes You

Without gratitude, it’s easy to slip into the victim mindset. You tell yourself things like, “I’m just destined to be a loser. I can’t have an amazing life. I’ve never had it easy, so why should I expect anything to change?”

But gratitude flips the script entirely. Instead of being the victim in the story, you become the hero. The one who overcomes the odds to build a beautiful life filled with blessings and abundance.

Gratitude offers many gifts if you’re willing to change your perspective and look at them. You never know what you might discover when you start viewing life through the lens of gratitude!

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I am grateful for you!  Thank you for reading this blog.

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