What Do You Believe?

Our beliefs about ourselves

One of the greatest lessons in life I believe you can learn is the benefit of taking full and complete responsibility in your life for each and every part of your life, good, bad or indifferent.

Not from the point of view of assigning blaming, guilt or shame. Simply from the point of understanding, gaining insight and clarity of what you’ve done, why you’ve chosen to do it, what the payoff is. From there it allows us to be in a position to make better and more empowering choices next time to better support your life.

Our life is a reflection of our thoughts.

If you were to evaluate your life would you feel as though you are living into your greatest purpose or passion?

If the answer is no or you’re not sure here are some questions to ask yourself ;

1. Who am I?

2. What do I do?

3. Why do I do what I do?

4. What will my biggest legacy be?

5. What do I believe about myself to be true?

6. Does what I currently believe about myself support my ideal self?

7. What are the payoffs for the negative beliefs I have about myself?

8. Can I identify my negative beliefs about myself?

9. What am I willing to believe about myself that would best support my life?

10. What belief do I currently hold about myself that is getting in the way of what I am deserve?

11. What action steps can I take to accept and fully love myself for who I am now?

It’s only when we take the time to intentionally question who we are, what beliefs we hold about ourselves and how we’re showing up in life do we start the process of taking full and complete responsibility for ourselves and our lives.

Taking responsibility for our lives includes understanding why we’ve made the choices we’ve made, understanding that our limiting beliefs drive most of our behaviours.

We attract to our life what we’re putting out in terms of our energies and also our beliefs about ourselves and about other people, situations and circumstances.

So with that knowledge in hand it allows us to make some better and more empowering choices and decisions.

Once you identify what your negative beliefs are then you are in a position to change those beliefs to more positive ones that can be done through writing positive affirmations. Turning the negative belief or statement about yourself into a more positive one.

As you continue to practice believing more positive things about yourself they eventually become a habit. They become a part of your natural make up and your daily practice to fully know that you are an amazing person complete and whole in your essence of simply being.

With kindest of intentions

Nancy Battye



I hope you enjoyed this

Fran Watson

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