Virtual Learning

Virtually amazing!

Last week I had the opportunity to attend an event that is normally held in Florida on the beach with amazing speakers.  Because of the pandemic, the event had to be cancelled/transformed and was held online. And the really amazing part  – is that it was free to participate.

You may think, well it was free, it probably wasn't all that good, but you would be wrong.  Very wrong.  The speakers that gave their time and brought their messages were entrepreneurs who wanted to be of service to others.  Their messages touched hearts and minds of those in attendance (over 120 of us at times).

Special Project

This project was the heart and soul of a couple of special people – Kelly McCausey (Love People Make Money) and Nicole Dean (Nicole On The Net)- they transformed their annual Beach Camp into something that would touch many lives in different ways.  They are even offering the videos from this session at a very reasonable cost and sharing 50 % of the profits with Feeding

From the first session led by Nicole Dean to the last session led by Therese Sparkins, there were tips and nuggets for all those who attended.  This is probably not something that will be repeated, but you can obtain a copy of the videos that were produced by clicking here.

Beachcamp attendees
Some of the attendees at Beachpreneurs 2020

I had known that Beachpreneurs was pretty special, just knowing some of the people who had attended and hearing their stories of what they had learned and how they had changed and I was sad that I wouldn't have been able to attend a session in Florida, so to have this opportunity was really amazing.

I found an email from Kelly McCausey after last year's Beach Camp where she said:  This weekend I'm co-hosting the last Beachpreneurs Beach Camp – well, the last of it's kind… it will be reborn in 2020 as an entirely different experience.

Amazing Speakers

Little did she know how true that statement would become.  I have no idea what the future holds for Beachpreneurs, but I am certainly glad that I was able to attend the present version of it.

Thank you to Kelly McCausey, Nicole Dean, Patty Farmer, Rayven Monique, Caroline Onyedinma, Maruxa Murphy, Nicky Omohundro, Jena Rodriguez, Angela Wills, Rosie Battista, Candice L. Davis, and Therese Sparkins for an amazing learning experience.  Be blessed.

Fran Watson

P.S.  Remember to get your copy of the videos here

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