Do You Use Prompts?


The time has come the poem said
For you to write that I might be read
And so I took my pen in hand
And wrote the words at its command.
The words spewed forth as I obeyed
The poem wanted its glory displayed
It shimmered, it glowed, it shone with delight
It showed off its power as I brought it to light
The words began running and singing and dancing
And then quiet and sorrowful and then into romancing
Up one side, cross over, now run over there
Now quickly, now slowly, now gently, more care
Swiftly they tumble, they rush and they pour
Then suddenly they stop I hear them no more.
Where do they come from and where do they go?
Alas its unfortunate I really don’t know
If I knew I could coax them to come out and play
When I chose, instead of awaiting their stay.
But life is just like that, it ebbs and it flows
Like words in this poem it comes and it goes
We know not our journey, it’s only begun
We just step out there and walk towards the sun
And slowly or quickly our journey is ore
And just like this poem – there is no more!

(from my book “From My Heart” )

Using Prompts When Writing Blogs and Emails

woman typing on laptop
Using prompts to help when writing

Have you ever had a time when you began to write your blog or your email and the words just flowed onto the page without even thinking?

And other times when you stared at a blank page for what seemed to be hours with nothing happening?

I think most of us have encountered both sides of this problem. That is why it is handy to have prompts. You might use journal prompts or tv shows, or news stories, or maybe a headline you saw.

It’s a great idea to keep a file folder (either on your computer or in an actual paper folder) or things you have seen or heard of that you think might make a good story. Maybe some things that have happened to you or to your friends.

What type of articles, newsletters, emails do you like to read?

Is there a particular person whose emails you will always open?

Any others that you rarely read? (if so, why are you still on their list? I have been asking myself that question recently.)

How To Find Prompts

If you’re tired of struggling with ideas for blog posts, social posts, podcast ideas and other content, you’ll love Sue Fleckenstein’s monthly prompts  I am currently a subscriber and will be digging into my prompts for my weekly emails in the next while.

Here are some examples from Sue’s prompts:

– Who are the most important people in your life?
– What can you do to get closer to your dreams?
– What are some negative thoughts you would like to stop having?
– What are some of your best positive thoughts?

Have you ever used a headline creator?

Using a headline creator around a keyword can also give you some great ideas for content for your emails or blogs. The other day I tried one and got 700 headlines. A lot of them I would never use, but a lot of them could be workable.

Tell me, where do you get stuck?

Cindy Bidar has some great tips on her Email List Podcast

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P.P.S.  I just received this really cool gift from SARK this morning. Super Inspiring Writer + Creator’s Alphabet Game! 

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This just in – great minds think alike – found this info in my inbox  by Heather Ritchie:

Hope you too can benefit from the information shared by these great people.


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