Unforseen Circumstances

What do you do when you are hit with something that changes your life in a major way?

Do you rant and rave?  Do you scream and cry?  Do you try to ignore it?  Or do you muscle through it?  Or perhaps you do a combination of the above.  Or perhaps you suffer in silence, keeping everything to yourself and not letting anyone else know how you are affected.

At the end of November, my 97 year old mother had to be hospitalized.  My life as I knew it changed in an instant as I began to spend the days at her bedside.

It is now May and she has been in and out of hospital several times.  Currently she is still in hospital.  Her body has failed her.  She can no longer walk, and her mind is failing as well.  I am still spending days by her bedside, which has had a severe impact on my work and my income.  I have now brought in my computer and am working while she sleeps.

She has been asleep for a couple of hours now and will be waking up soon, so I will sign off and come back later to write some more.

Fran Watson


About Fran Watson

Work from home Career Counsellor helping people with resumes, cover letters and interview tips. Recently published an e-book on Resumes and Cover Letters That Work (www.franwatson.ca). Member of Toastmasters and life-long learner.
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