What treasures are you overlooking?

This is from the Introduction in my recently published book From My Heart. 

I wrote the following after reading Sara Ban Breathnach's book Simple Abundance – the quote is from her book.

“Excavating is not glamourous work on an archealogical dig. It demands painstaking effort in often harsh conditions. Tons of dirt need to be removed carefully from the site if the search to uncover treasures from the past is to be successful. No matter how impatient everyone on the dig is, the excavation process can not be rushed.”

As I read this I thought about how each piece of material in a dig is examined closely to discover its significance and purpose. If a dig is rushed, precious pieces of the past may be destroyed or at least broken and rendered less valuable. Also in the rushing some valuable items may be overlooked – a tiny gemstone discarded as a lump of dirt when all it would take would be a gentle touch, some brushing or some water to clear away the dirt and reveal it's brilliance.

How often do we rush the process of discovering ourselves and miss the true brilliance of our lives, of our gifts and talents? How often do we dismiss them as inconsequential, too tiny to be of value? We forget that a small diamond may be worth far more than a large amethyst. What have we missed or dismissed in our lives?

Perhaps it's time to slow down and look more carefully at our past, to see where we came from and how that links to our present. Maybe we missed a valuable piece along the way that we can recover, and which may lead to a major change in our lives or a better appreciation of who we are now.

Where are those soft brushes? That water? Let me learn patience as I uncover my treasures!


This morning as I was thinking about writing this week’s newsletter I thought about the times when I took my kids to the local flea market.  There was a man there who had a “dig” for kids (and parents) to find treasures.  Sometimes they didn’t find much, but occasionally they would find some gems.  We once found a large blue topaz and another time some jade.  I had a necklace, ring and earrings made out of the blue topaz and a necklace and ring from the jade.  The kids had a great time digging for treasures each week.

I went looking for these gems this morning and discovered a treasure trove that I had forgotten – necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and more.   A veritable abundance of treasures hidden away in my drawers.

Have you ever discovered treasures you had forgotten about?  What were they?  Please share…

treasures in a jewelry box
A box of treasures

Speaking of hidden treasures.

I have been a member of Cindy Bidar’s 6 Figure System  for quite a while. I didn’t realize ALL the treasures I had inside there. I am currently taking her email course and realizing that I am still learning new things about emails, despite having already taken a couple of others.

All my life I have been interested in learning. I have, as I think I have previously mentioned, many books….many, many books. Some of them have become what Melissa Brown termed “shelf-help” books   These I am starting to sort through and box up, recognizing that some of these I will never get around to reading. After all I am 73 and I think it would take me another 73 years to read them all!!

What do you like to learn about? Do you have a special hobby that you are passionate about? Do you like to try different things? I have always thought I would like to learn how to operate a spinning wheel to make yarn. Now that things are opening up again, I will see if I can find a class.


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