Taking Care Of Yourself

Just like the airlines say – “Put yourself first” You will be no good to anybody else unless you are feeling your personal best.

Taking care of yourself is not selfish – it is self-care. A person who feels complete, confident, healthy, and fulfilled is a better person. No matter how long your list of things you need to do for others, remember to put yourself at the top of that list and do something nice for yourself first.

Schedule at least 3 “down time” periods a day for yourself – each and every day. Downtime should consist of a minimum of a 5 minute block of time spent completely alone in a quiet space.

Use the time to write in your journal close your eyes, centre yourelf, add some entries to your gratitude list, or jus take a few deep belly breaths to slow yourself down.

Every day is a new opportunity for growth. Expand your mind. Take an evening course, read a book on a new subject, try something new like yoga or pilates, or join a book club. (Did you know that if you read for 15 minutes a day you can read 17-18 books in a year? Or that if you waste 15 minutes a day, you will waste 91 hours a year?)

TIP: Each and every day do only those things that will enable you to feel good about yourself later.




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