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Laughter Can Improve Your Health

Humor, Laughter And Play For Health The idea that you can use humor, laughter, and play to promote your health probably seems too simple to be true. However, it really is true and that simple. A sense of humor, laughter … Continue reading

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BANABU – Building A New And Better Universe

From the original developer of the BANABU principle and name – Mike Kemski – your opportunity to pick up his book on Kindle. Click here You can find Mike on Facebook still sharing his knowledge and wisdom.  He has hard … Continue reading

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While working on my stress workshop, I came across this article.  There are many words of wisdom here. Plan for problems. Things rarely go as planned, so be agile. List all the objections and obstacles in your way and know … Continue reading

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Suicide Prevention Month

Mike Kemski talks about suicide prevention and his personal experience.

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