Mike Kemski

Ebb and Flow

Just like the tides, our lives ebb and flow.  At times everything seems to be going well, opportunities are coming our way, we feel like we are on the top of the world, and then…. Then comes the ebb, we step back from some of the things we are doing, or we are forced to …

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My Journey

I have joined the group.  I have begun my journey to powerfully manifest what I want.  I will share with you what I am learning.  I encourage you to take the steps you need to take to manifest what you want in your life as well. Question:  What do you have?  I have a home, …

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Addicted Part 2

Did you read the post from yesterday?  Did you read ALL of Mike’s message?  It’s pretty darn powerful!! Here is a short summary of what he covered.  If you didn’t read it, go here now! • You could be stuck in the holding pattern of “chasing” the dream or in other words, be addicted to …

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