Staying Positive

How do you stay positive when hit with disasters?

March has not been kind to me.  It started off with a flood in my house which happened at 10:00 at night.  I contacted my boyfriend (who has a Shop Vac), the Township (to bring a backhoe to clear the ditch), and a company that does flood restorations.

By 2 am the water had flowed back out of my house and we had vacuumed up what was left.  The restoration company arrived with fans and dehumidifiers in the morning and my daughter arrived to help out with tossing all the books and papers that had been on my floor and were now sopping wet.

You see, I don't have a basement, I live in an old house in the country which doesn't have any storage and my whole ground floor had flooded.  It took us about 3 days to go through all of that – 35 bags or so of wet garbage.  A few days later a dumpster was placed in my driveway for all the destroyed items.


I lost my bed couch, 3 tall bookcases and 2 regular ones, plus numerous books which had been on the low shelves.  Luckily this is mostly covered by insurance, but I have yet to see any costs or proposals for getting my place back to normal.

Also luckily my boyfriend offered to put me up for as long as it takes to get my house back to normal.  I have a room in the basement to work in, although that room flooded too just after I moved all my stuff in.  Thank goodness my sister had come up to help me organize and she helped me move everything off the floor and we vacuumed for the weekend.  I got to move back into the office after the floor dried – about a week later.

Hard Drive Crash

Unfortunately when I was moving my computer and my hard drives upstairs to work my main hard drive with all my business information on it crashed.  My boyfriend, who is a tech guy, could not restore it and so it had to be sent out to be retrieved.  The company was great and had it back to me within a week – at a cost of $2039.  However, I do have all my files and I will just have to work a little harder or find some other ways to increase my income to pay it off.  I set up a special offer of a Confidence Kit (valued at over $47) for just $17. and have had a few people purchase it to help with the cost.

Staying Positive

So how to remain positive when your house looks like this?

house showing bare walls and framing
My living room after the flood

I think about the people in the Ukraine who are being shot at and bombed.  I think about the people who have lost everything when their homes have been flooded and have nowhere to go.  I think of the people who are homeless and don't have a place to stay or food to eat.  I think of the blessings I have of friends and family who are there for me.  I think of how nice my house will look once they put back the walls and floors. I think about the fact that I have a bed to sleep in and an office to use.

How do you stay positive when bad things happen to you?


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