Setting Goals

Setting Goals

When it comes to resolutions, the inherent problem lies within the name.

A resolution means to resolve to do something. It is a promise to yourself. Unfortunately, it does not include any plans or goals to make the change happen.

To accomplish success you need to pick out a set of goals and make plans to reach those goals, but how do you do this?

Start from the end and work backwards.  Determine what your life would be like if you achieved your goal and then look at what you would have had to do in order to get there.

Before stating the goal, write the desired result then ask yourself what steps you need to take to attain it. Determine if money, supplies, or tools are necessary. Have in mind what particular action can be taken to accomplish the resolution.

Next think about how much time you can schedule each day or every week towards working at the goal and what would be reasonable to accomplish in those time slots – half an hour a day, an hour a day, 3 hours a week, etc..

Establish ways to make working at the goal simple. For instance, if it's to improve wellness, then establish an exercise area and mark time for it on a calendar.

If it is to eat better, write a shopping list and stock up on the foods that are necessary, get rid of any junk food in the house and find a number of healthy recipes to put in a convenient location.

Keep any needed supplies or tools that are necessary to accomplish your goal together and accessible.

Plan ways to get and stay motivated to stay on target. For instance, for a physical activity, find a partner or plan a reward (like seeing a movie) for each week goals are met.

You might also want to create and print a chart or check list to track your progress. The chart helps build in accountability.

Write or print out motivational mottos. These can be Scriptures, wise sayings, encouraging words, or cheers. Post them where you will be able to see them easily several times a day.

Ask someone to be an encourager. Let them know what your goal is and ask the person email notes of encouragement. This makes it more social and provides outside motivation.

You can list and post the benefits of your goal, e.g. “I will be able to fit into that beautiful new outfit in the store window.” This keeps you focused on the results.

After a few weeks take some time to evaluate your progress. Decide if the goals are realistic and if you are making progress. Determine whether or not you need to adjust your plans or your time frame.

Mark the calendar ahead for a set day of every month to review your progress. This can keep you motivated or even help you restart if the goal has been abandoned for a few weeks.

Dream big, but break the dream into achievable goals and take it one step at a time. Commit to following the goal and plans laid out, or reassess them and work out something more attainable.

Once you determine your goal, stick with it. Your plans may change, but your goal shouldn’t if it is a true goal.

To your goal setting success!!

Fran Watson

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