Time For Some Self Love

Self Love – How long has it been?

Isn't it time for some self love?  How long has it been since you first had that dream? You know the one you had as a young child – maybe to be the best ___, or to win ___, or to write a book, climb a mountain, set up an online business….

Are you there yet? What is stopping you?

How long has it been since you let yourself just be free – not worrying about what anyone says or thinks about you? Are you being controlled by others? Are you a people pleaser?

How long has it been since you laughed loud and long with friends? Has this pandemic reduced your contact with loved ones? How have you coped with it? What have you done to brighten your days?

How long has it been since you cried over a lost love or a lost moment, or a perceived failure? Have you moved on?

How long as it been since you took the time to really listen to your heart?

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Self love – You carry the passport to your own happiness

Take time for self love

Is it time for you to show yourself some 💖love 💖?

Think of things you can do for yourself.

What is a luxury that you have dreamt of?

What simple thing can you do for yourself each day? Perhaps it might be a quiet coffee or tea in the morning before you start your day, or a mid-afternoon break.  Maybe it's taking the time to write in your gratitude journal.

Do you ever tell yourself you are being selfish for wanting time to yourself?

Maybe it’s time for a change.

When we practice self-care, we are not only helping ourselves, but we are also helping others as well.

Self-care can provide us with several health benefits, including improving our immunity, increasing our positive thinking and mindset, and making us less susceptible to stress and other similar emotional health issues.

Dump the drama and toxicity. Stop creating or feeding into drama. Remove toxic people from your life. Expect the best & believe it will happen. Don't think about ‘what if's', instead focus on what you will gain with the positive outcome.

Acknowledge that failures happen. They are an acceptable part of learning.

Following a healthy diet, making sure to exercise regularly, and getting enough sleep are all habits you can adopt now to get you on the road to beneficial self-care for your body and mind.

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Take time for self love first

February is 💖HEART💖 month. Here are some ways to give yourself some love this month.

Begin each day by looking at yourself in the mirror and say out loud
“(Your name) You are fabulous, lovable, wonderful, and valuable!”

Turn it into a declaration. Stand strong and say out loud
I am fabulous, lovable, wonderful, and valuable!

Say these statements with ownership, pride, passion…Breathe into the words, and take them into your heart and body!  Let go of feeling foolish or self-conscious. It’s time to own the truth about who you really are!

Here are some more ways to show self love:

1. Notice when you are being too harsh with yourself. Your natural state is love.  Pay attention to your thoughts, self-talk and how you speak about yourself to others.

2. Treat your body with love and respect. Do you prioritize your self-care? Look for ways to honor your body and your needs as the treasure you are!

3. Do something every day that brings you pleasure. What makes you feel good and brings you joy that is positive and uplifting? Do you pamper yourself and do things that make you smile?

4. Commit to the relationships in your life that lift your heart and feed your soul. Look for opportunities to be more engaged with the people you love. Ask for help and allow them to love in return by being there for you when you really need support.

5. Engage in daily spiritual practices to connect you with your “Essence” and Divinity. Cultivating the relationship with The Divine invites us to look at life through the eyes of love – to embody love with ourselves and those whose lives we touch.

6. Do something crazy that is out of character for you. Sign up for a marathon, go mountain climbing, scuba diving, etc. Learn something new. Take a class, read a book, watch online videos. How about a stand-up comedy class? Laughing at yourself and making others laugh is a great way to build confidence.

7. Move your body. Get in shape without joining a gym. Take up martial arts. Learn to line dance. Go someplace nobody will recognize you and cut loose. Be bold. Laugh out loud. Sing. Dance.

8. Act confident. Dress like the person you want to be. Wear bright lipstick. Stand like Superman, tall and confident. Mirror the actions of other confident people. Be bold. Teach a class. It doesn't matter the topic, just do it.

Start in February, but please continue to take time for 💖self-love💖 every day.

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What's the next step in your self love journey?

All the best

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