I am a Career Counsellor and one of the things I suggest to my clients is to do a video interview so that they can see themselves as an employer sees them.  It is helpful as you can see yourself from a different perspective.

This morning I went outside to take a picture of the snow on my car (yes snow, on May 8th) and when I came in I looked at my kitchen through the lens of my camera and took a video of it.  I was amazed at what I saw.

You get used to living with “things” in your house and you no longer “see” them, but when you take a picture (or a video) it becomes real.  I saw my kitchen as others see it and realized I had do do something about the accumulation of “things” in my kitchen.

I tackled the spot you see when you walk in the door and then washed the kitchen floor, so the first impression is better.  Once I put away my dishes, that will help clean up the counter area.

I thought about how often we fail to “see” the people around us as well.  When was the last time you really looked at your partner/spouse/family members?  I mean really looked at them and realized how much they mean to you?  Have you told them?  Do you tell them on a daily basis?  Do you appreciate what they bring to your life?  If you haven't told them lately, why not do it today.

Change your perspective…see what is around you…change it if it needs changing, appreciate what you find out.


Fran Watson


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