Follow One Course Until Successful – F O C U S Have you ever sat down at your computer, planning to achieve great things, like writing a post, sending an email, working on your website………and found yourself drawn into Facebook and watching YouTube videos?   You are not alone! This happens to many of us.  One …

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Setting Goals

Setting Goals When it comes to resolutions, the inherent problem lies within the name. A resolution means to resolve to do something. It is a promise to yourself. Unfortunately, it does not include any plans or goals to make the change happen. To accomplish success you need to pick out a set of goals and …

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Welcome to my BANABU Blog

I’m glad you are here.  I have lots of interesting information to share with you and I will be posting it here. I look forward to getting to know you, so please feel free to post comments below. BANABU Building A New And Better Universe Fran Watson