Are you Overwhelmed and Exhausted these days?

There are so many things coming at us – holiday preparations – Thanksgiving, Christmas, dealing with changes due to the pandemic.  And then in the U.S.A. there is all the drama around the upcoming elections.  It seems you can't turn on the television or look at Facebook or anything without being drawn in.  It all becomes overwhelming and makes me want to just curl up somewhere with a good book and forget about things for a while.  How about you?

Do you find that you are tossing and turning at night?  Longing for sleep but your brain keeps running amuck?  A friend of mine told me about something she found that is allowing her to sleep finally after many years of being an insomniac.  You might want to take a look at it (I am not a doctor and haven't tried it, but she said it is fantastic).  ” Terra Origin SLEEP It has melatonin, GABA, valerian, L-Theanine, and a bunch of other adaptogenic herbs. I am seriously sleeping through the night and waking up feeling refreshed, not drugged. It is a major change for me!! ” You can find it on Amazon (see below).  When you don't get enough sleep it is even more difficult to overcome the feelings of overwhelm.

As an Internet Marketer I have been overwhelmed with the number of sales and bundles and the “buy now” ads.  Not that the products are not wonderful and beautiful, but there are just so many that I have almost stopped responding to them.  I look at what I already have and think do I really need anything more?  I have signed up for some membership sites that are all inclusive so that I don't have to pay to download monthly packages or the latest thing because they are in my membership site.  It is important to know exactly what you get before you commit to a site, but one that I recently took advantage of was the Tools for Motivation membership.  (Check out this gift 5 Free Self Help Audiobooks“) I have been buying from them for years and it is the type of product that I use with my clients and myself.

I also love beautiful planners and it is easy to get caught up in buying another one and another one.  Today I sat down and looked at what I currently have on hand and how can I use them.  I will be sending some of my subscribers a journal or planner in the next week.  Let me know if you want to get on my list.

At one time I was trying to share all the wonderful notices I was getting with everyone on my list, but there were so many I just couldn't keep up.  I ended up sending an email with the names of people I loved to buy from so that they could check them out.  If you are interested, let me know and I can share the list of my friends with you.

Speaking of membership sites.  One of my mentors, Angela Wills, is setting up training on how to set up a membership site.  She outlines what you need, who you need to be, what are the benefits and more and she is starting the course on November 9th.  She has a great deal for early takers and the price increases at midnight on the 9th.  If you are interested in checking it out, click here.

I hope to get back into the swing of things and be more active here on my blog.  I had intended to write a post on the weekend about Famous Failures, but it is still in the works.  Perhaps it will make it to post this weekend.  You may know about some of the people I will be mentioning like Walt Disney and Colonel Sanders, but you may be surprised about some of the others.

See you soon.

Fran Watson

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