Not Feeling Confident?

Practice Being Bold & Assertive

If you struggle with confidence, being bold and assertive may seem as far away from your personality than the East is from the West. But, would you like to be bolder and more assertive? There are clear benefits to being able to articulate what you prefer and stand up for yourself when you feel overwhelmed. Before we look at how to practice being bold and assertive, let's look at what being bold and assertive looks like as a whole.

Being bold and assertive looks like:

Knowing who you are- People can recognize the confidence in a bold and assertive person. That comes from knowing who you are. Being confident in your own skin shines outward as bold and assertive confidence. Knowing your worth, value, preferences, and dislikes makes it clear to others how to be in relationship with you.

Voicing your opinion-

Bold and assertive people are great at sharing their opinions. The key being: sharing healthy viewpoints in productive ways. Confident people know what and when to share their viewpoints and use those viewpoints to enhance a situation rather than monopolize it.

Setting clear boundaries-

Sometimes setting clear, healthy boundaries is bold and assertive. Being able to stand your ground without backing down or compromising requires a willingness to be firm and clear regardless of any backlash.

Using leadership skills-

Confident, bold, and assertive people are seen as leaders. You don't have to be the loudest voice in the room to gain leadership credibility. Being wise, conscientious, and firm radiates competency. Even quiet people can be effective leaders if they are confident in their skills.

Standing up for something-

Bold and assertive people tend to stand up for things that they believe in. Having a platform to make an impact or create change requires a level of confidence and leadership that being bold and assertive creates.

Now that we know what being bold and assertive looks like, let's take a look at how to practice being bold and assertive:

Volunteer to lead-

Jump in and take the lead with a group or effort. Volunteer to be the leader and start to be bold and assertive with your opinions and direction.

Follow your instinct-

Your gut knows what is right or wrong. Practice listening to and following your gut when you have direction about how to handle a situation. Speak your mind and contribute to the conversation.

Join Toastmasters

If speaking up is a challenge, consider joining a group like Toastmasters and practice public speaking.

Get a role model-

Everyone has someone that they admire. Find a role model to emulate and connect with who can teach you and help you how to practice being bold and assertive.

People who are confident in their skin aren't afraid to be bold and assertive. Work on doing the same. Practice makes perfect. Fake it till you make it.

To developing your self-confidence!

Fran Watson

Fran Watson

P.S.  If you would like more tips on building your confidence, or to set up a personal chat with me, send me a message or comment below.

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