Managing Your Time

I sit here this morning feeling good about some of the things I have done recently, like learning how to set up posts on Facebook so that each hour there is a post, and being more dedicated to posting on my blog.

However when I got up one morning and realized that in order to get paid at the end of the month my invoices need to be in by Monday, my heart sank.  It is unlikely that Canada Post will get my package there in time.

But I can't really blame them.  It was my lack of time management, of setting a note in my Day Timer earlier in the week that said “Do Closures”.

I am self-employed, working from home, on contract with an EAP.  Each month I have to have my closures in by the 7th and the 23rd in order to get paid on time.  If I had perfected my Time Management skills, I would never have to work.  Alas, despite the fact that I teach Time Management skills, I sometimes fail.

That's the way it is in the world.  Often despite our best intentions, we fail.  So what we need to do is fail forward.  Take a look at what happened and take steps to ensure that it won't happen again.  So today I am entering a note into my Day Timer on the 2nd and18th of each month that says “Closures”.  That will ensure that I will get them done on time.

Right now I will get back to working on my closures and send them away today with hope and prayers that they will arrive in time.

To your Time Management Success – BANABU

Fran Watson

P.S.  If you would like some information on Time Management, or get a copy of a Time Management log, email me or comment below

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