Make A Difference

I read a great little book called “The Fred Factor” by Mark Sanborn.  The book is thought provoking and motivational.

This morning I read about making a difference.  Mark said “To make a difference means to affect another person, group, or situation.”  He points out that we make a difference by the way we treat people, be it a positive difference or a negative one.  We have the choice in how we behave and how we treat others.

I remember watching a video a few years ago.  I think it was called “If Looks Could Kill”.  It was about the cumulative effects of someone having a bad day.   How the first person's bad mood influenced the people he came in contact with and how those people then became miserable and snarly with the next person, etc.  As Mark said “…neglecting, criticizing, and belittling others, whether intentionally or not, produces a negative difference.”

Reading this this morning reminded me that I have a choice in how I behave towards others, regardless of how I feel, and that often by treating others with respect and politeness it can lift my mood.

So the most important question you can ask yourself at the end of the day is “What kind of a difference did I make?”

To making a positive difference in the world – BANABU!

Fran Watson

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