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PURPOSE PRACTICES: An activity that is engaged in on a regular basis that has the person be present to and aware of their life purpose.

PURPOSE PONDERINGS: A question that is posed each day that presences the person’s life purpose while they ‘ponder’ it.

PURPOSEFUL PLAY: Working on a project, goal, or task in such a way that you’re willing to play and experiment with it while having a particular plan or intention. The secret to purposeful play is being committed to a particular result or outcome without being attached to that outcome.

There are 3 important parts to this tool for living on purpose:

1. The experience or way of being you enter into a project, goal or task. In purposeful play you’re ready to experiment, to explore and to discover — there’s a lightness and playfulness.

2. At the same time, your actions are not random but are guided by an intention or purpose.

3. Last of all, the freedom to be playful comes from staying committed to the project, goal or task without getting attached to the results.

PURPOSE PROJECTS: A set of actions with specific results that are measurable that is a natural expression of one’s life purpose. While working to fulfill the project, the person is more alive and aware of their life purpose.

LIFE PURPOSE COACHING: A generative conversation that supports a person in clarifying their life purpose as well as providing a structure for them to live true to their purpose over time. Individual life purpose coaching is available through Life On Purpose Institute.

PURPOSE POD: A group of like-minded people meeting on a regular basis to assist each other in clarifying their life purpose and living true to it. Purpose pods may meet in person, through teleconferencing or online through ‘chat-sessions.’

PURPOSE PRAYER: A type of purpose passage, a purpose prayer is a longer passage that includes your life purpose that you say with passion and as a created declaration of who you intend to be that day.

PURPOSE PLATITUDE: A platitude is defined as a banal, trite or stale remark. And that’s what your created life purpose statement will turn into if you don’t keep it fresh, alive and flourishing in awareness and consciousness.

PURPOSE PARTNERS: People who know you and relate to you as your created life purpose. The more purpose partners you have the easier it is to stay true to your created purpose.

PURPOSE PARADOXES: Not so much a tool as what you can expect to ‘bump’ into along the way as you live true to your purpose. The more comfortable you can become with purpose paradoxes the more powerful you will be able to live your life purpose. As Gregg Levoy says in his book, Callings: Living the Authentic Life: “Heroism can be redefined for our age as the ability to tolerate paradox, to embrace seemingly opposing forces without rejecting one or the other just for the sheer relief of it.”

One of my favorite purpose paradox that is particularly useful with Purpose Projects is found in purposeful play — playing full out with an intention, purpose and often specific results in mind, while at the same time staying unattached whether those intentions or results are actually produced.

PURPOSE PIVOTING: A purpose pivot is the act of distinguishing when your inherited purpose is shaping your life, and the choosing to have your created life purpose shape your life instead. Once you’ve distinguished your inherited purpose and your created life purpose, it’s possible to stay on purpose by pivoting. Whenever you notice your inherited purpose beginning to shape your life, you can stop the action for the moment, distinguish what is happening and then begin to pivot to your created life purpose. The more you practice pivoting the better you’ll get, and the earlier you can detect your inherited purpose, the easier it will be to pivot as well.

PURPOSEFUL POW-WOWS: During a purposeful pow-wow, you consciously take time in your day to focus on your created life purpose and what you want to create in your life as an expression of your purpose. During a purpose pow-wow, you align your thought, feelings and emotions to powerfully and energetically attract the resources needed to continue to live and express your purpose. Then you maintain your thoughts, and feelings as you take action throughout the day.

ON PURPOSE & OFF PURPOSE PATTERNS: We are all creatures of habits and patterns. Some of our patterns are on purpose — consistent with our created life purpose — and some are off purpose — consistent with our inherited purpose. It is possible and highly recommended to distinguish your off purpose patterns and begin to release them as you create new on purpose patterns in your life.

To Living Your Life On Purpose!


Fran Watson

P.S. For some help in living a purposeful life: Click here

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