Lifestyle Freedom

Does your business come before your life?

I have a friend, Angela Wills, who started a services-based business and quit her job to do that business. Within a few months she was overwhelmed, overworked and just plain burnt out. Angela told me she had actually been sitting at her computer for so many hours per day that her muscles had started to atrophy. It was embarrassing and she knew she needed to change.

That was in 2007. Angela stopped working for clients in 2012. She declared total lifestyle freedom at that time! She has spent the last 8 years working entirely on what she wants, for who she wants, where she wants and when she wants. Her whims can become reality. Her time is her own. Her family comes first, always.

And she's just created a new program to teach you the Lifestyle Freedom Success Habits that got her there!

You're not going to want to miss this new training and pre-launch pricing. In this training you'll learn how to implement these habits:

  • Choosing Life First, Then Business & HOW to make it happen
  • Inventory Your Services, Offers & Affiliate Links so you know your business inside-out
  • Setting Your Daily Money Goal & taking action so that your consistency can take effect
  • Examples of Daily Moneymaker Tasks to do each and every day (plus a big list of ways to market your business all day long)

The Lifestyle Freedom Success Habits training will include a pre-recorded training you can access anytime you need it, with jump-links to jump to any specific section you need. You'll also get an audio version to listen on the go (walking, in the car, cleaning house, etc). Also included is a printable version with notes of the training presentation.

This is an easy to consume program with valuable lessons you can take action on now and for years to come (as I said these have served her for 13+ years).

What is it worth to you to:

  • Stop relying on clients for your income and to decide how you get to live?
  • Have the freedom to stand and thrive through life's challenges?
  • Knowing you can create income from anything at anytime from anywhere and take that peace of mind with you throughout life?

Only you can decide the value of this and how it can affect your life. Angela says it is priceless to her and you couldn't pay her enough money for a JOB that would cause her to lose the freedom she's created.

I highly recommend you soak up this info and USE IT. Now is the time to grab it in pre-launch pricing. It's only $20 now and you'll get the full product on Friday, July 24th.

Get Lifestyle Freedom Success Habits Here
$20 – no coupon code needed

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