Learn to Love Yourself

Learn to love yourself. You don’t need others to love you. Self-respect starts from the inside. Self-respect enables you to develop confidence.  Take a closer look at all the wonderful aspects of your personality and be good to you!

Building Confidence through Personal Growth

Learn To Love Yourself – You Are Worth It

I talk to a lot of professionals and sales people and even entrepreneurs, people starting their own businesses, and they want to learn “how can I develop more confidence or even just get myself a bit of confidence so that I can be more successful in what I do.”

You have to realize where confidence comes from and what confidence means.

Confidence is your ability to take action and feel good about yourself.  Feel like whatever it is you’re about to endeavor into, that you can do a good job and that you can come out of the other end of it looking good.

Now, this doesn’t happen by accident.  When you look at the way confidence appears in our lives, it appears as a result of doing things over and over again and developing a proficiency from it.

Confidence, in and of itself, is not something that you’re born with or not born with.  It’s something that’s developed over time through practice and through repetition.

When you first learn how to walk, when you were let’s say 12 months old or 13 months old or whatever it may be for you, you were not very confident at walking.  In fact, you couldn’t walk.  But you were determined to try.

You stood on the side of the sofa and you pushed yourself off and you would fall.  You would try it again and you would fall, and you would do it over and over again.

Your level of confidence in the beginning was tiny.  In fact, there probably was no confidence.  But you were so determined to do it, that you kept going. 

Eventually you took a step, you followed that with another step, and soon enough you were walking and now you’re an adult and you can walk from one side to the other of a room or a hallway or whatever, and not even think about the act of walking.

It’s just something that comes to you naturally.  If someone were to ask you your level of confidence on a scale of 0 to 10, how confident you are that you could walk across the room, you’d probably say 11.  It doesn’t even occur to you.  You just do it.

The same thing goes for confidence in all areas of life, including your professional life.

Understand this process.  Nobody is born with natural confidence at any level of their life.  If you see somebody who’s confident right now, it’s because they’ve developed that confidence by repetitive learning and trying and failing and getting the feedback and doing it again.  Having the courage to continue.

Do you have the courage to continue?  I think you do.  Continue with what you’re doing right now, develop that confidence and you’ll only continue to grow.

Fran Watson

Bulding Confidence www.franwatson.ca

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