Goal Setting

I have been reading about goal setting and 30 day challenges and I know that it takes 30 days to create new habits, so this morning I made a decision.  I am challenging myself to work on my goals every single day for 30 days.  I thought I would start on the 1st of September, but then I thought why not start today.

setting goals challenge







I found this picture this morning and there were a number of items on this list that spoke to me – #3 Get started on a project.  What have you been talking about doing but not begun yet (I don’t think I have enough paper or time to list all of that…)?  Set aside a day to plan it out and get started….


Okay.  I sat down and started to list things that I want to/need to do over the next month.  I still need to put them into priority order, but here is my list:

  • prepare emails for Marketing and Public Speaking clients (get response)
  • Complete Facebook posts for VVA, Renfrew, Pembroke, SSTSS, Fran Watson
  • Link FB posts to challenge highlighting what I am learning
  • learn Instagram
  • write emails for marketing and public speaking
  • post weekly blogs
  • finish my poetry e-book
  • write short stories for book to go with some of the poems
  • clean up the shoe rack by the door
  • take bags of clothing to charity – SA or church
  • record books I want to sell using app on phone (buy full version)
  • create a minimum of 1 lead gen/sign up page/product – choose what it will be
  • listen to Tom Antion’s Screw The Commute Podcasts
  • listen to the Strategy Hour podcasts
  • create a podcast
  • create a slide presentation with me in it – public speaking tips
  • set up interview with Gail for authors book to be out in October
  • do final speech for advanced manual – VVA
  • go through box of papers from kitchen table
  • finish quilt binding
  • wash mom’s quilt (needs large washer)
  • recycle old Toastmasters material (speeches and books prior to 2017)
  • reading – make a list of books to read in the next 6 months  – 1 per week

Phew… I think that is enough for right now although I know I will be tempted to do #7 in the picture above.

My challenge in goal setting is to Read these goals every day and work on at least one item per day for an hour.

I will work on prioritizing them tomorrow.


P.S.  What challenges do you have? Do you want to join me in my challenge?  Post below.

Goal Setting Challenge


Let’s do this!!



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