Goal Achievements Day 4

Goals Achieved Day 4

Listened to another podcast from ScrewTheCommute.com – Daniel Hall  https://screwthecommute.com/episodes/6-daniel-hall/

Cool Tip from this podcast  – setting up a Micro-mini membership site using Amazon’s Kindle  – danielhallpresents/getcode  Something to add to my list…

Yesterday I attended a live streaming of the International Speech Contest and was very impressed by the quality of speeches.  It was tough to choose, but history was made as the top 3 winners were all women.

Today I also attended Tom’s training session on How to Make Money by Speaking… which is my other interest…   https://www.greatinternetmarketing.com/contestmay2016/TopTenWaysToMakeMoneySpeaking2014.pdf

I actually bought one of Tom’s packages many years ago – Make Em Laugh.  He is the one who actually got me interested in public speaking.

Some great ideas on how to use content:  “Books ebooks CDs DVDs MP3 audio files laminated cards pamphlets online video membership sites tele classes paid newsletters both online and physical webinars consulting coaching mentorship programs all of these ways to sell your knowledge show your depth of knowledge way better than a few minute demo video. So they stimulate speaking engagements.”

Okay.. so now my brain is on overload with all the info Tom Antion provided.  Time to decide what I am going to focus on for tomorrow.  I think it will be putting emails (at least  a month’s worth) into my GetResponse.

How about you?  What is your focus?

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