Fresh Start – New Year Resolutions

Fresh Start - New Year Resolutions

Fresh Start

When Riley turned 30 he was unhappy to still be in a sales job he never really liked.  He decided it was time to stop procrastinating and find a new job.  Unfortunately he made the mistake of quitting his sales job without having something else in mind at a time when good jobs were a little harder to find and is still unemployed and looking.

For Sue, New Year’s Eve had her looking in the mirror and vowing that this time she would stick to her diet, while Mark was trying to get control over his angry outbursts.  “Next month I’ll do better”, he said to himself.

If you’ve ever vowed to make a change, to start over, you are not alone.

New Year Resolutions

At the beginning of the new year many people join the gym with good intentions to get fit.  This can also happen when something new happens in your life – a new relationship, a move, even a new month.  Researchers have a name for this – The Fresh Start Effect. (see more here) and here

Research shows that at certain calendar points – a new month, major birthday, etc. we are more prone to assess our lives and try putting our failures behind us to start over.  Wanting to be better we look for a fresh start.

This year we are still under the impact of the Corona virus with new versions coming out.  Places are closed down, businesses are suffering from lack of staff, some people are fearing for their lives, while others proclaim conspiracy theories.

When will it end.  Some believe that this is the end of the world as outlines in Revelations – wars, plagues, natural disasters, etc.

My Fresh Start

As I look at my role for this year and look at what steps I need to take, I wonder what 2022 will bring to my life.  My plan is to be more focused, to have regular blog posts and emails, to learn more so that I can share more and develop a passive income.

My first fresh start for this year is to work with Jennifer Burke on an email challenge, to write 30 emails in 30 days.  This starts today and I have already sent out my first email.

How have you seen the Fresh Start effect at work in your life?

What goals (or resolutions) have you come up with for 2022?

Happy New Year


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