Follow One Course Until Successful – F O C U S

Have you ever sat down at your computer, planning to achieve great things, like writing a post, sending an email, working on your website………and found yourself drawn into Facebook and watching YouTube videos?   You are not alone!

This happens to many of us.  One of the reasons is that we don't set specific goals for our time and we don't set specific times to accomplish our tasks.  We simply sit down at the computer with an idea in mind, but we haven't spent enough time to think about exactly what we want to accomplish.

When we have only a short amount of time to accomplish something, it usually gets done in that time frame, but when we have all day free, it takes the whole day to accomplish a task that could have been done in half an hour – our task expands to fill the time.

The next time you sit down at your computer, have a list of things you are going to accomplish and set your timer.  That can help you stay away from Facebook – don't open up the page until you have finished everything on your list.  Don't answer email (turn the sound off if you have notifications) until you are finished.  Don't answer your phone until you are finished.  You are there to FOCUS on your tasks.  When completed, you will feel better about your accomplishments and  you will have the time to do other things.

Follow One Course Until Successful!

To your success.

Fran Watson




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