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With all the posts I have been receiving today from my friends in the US, I have been filled with gratitude and thanksgiving for many things in my life:  my health, my family (4 children & partners, 4 grandchildren and 1 on the way, 1 great grandchild, my boyfriend of almost 20 years, a sister and niece, my mom age 99 and a nephew).  I am indeed blessed.  I have food to heat, a warm house to be in, work to do, and books to read.

What are you most grateful for? Who are the top 5 people you appreciate most and why?

When some people think of gratitude, they think of the Thanksgiving holiday. But gratitude is so much more than an annual holiday. It’s a way of life that can have a deep impact on you.

If you want to bless someone, you can write a short note and let them know how much you care. Here are a few tips to help you get started…

Keep it Short

Some people believe that a thank you note has to be super long in order to be sincere. However, a short thank you letter doesn’t have to be more than two paragraphs. In fact, a brief message can be more meaningful than a long one that rambles.

Share Examples

When writing a thank you letter, try to mention what the recipient did. For example, you might write a thank you note to the speaker of a women’s conference, thanking the speaker for the time she took to encourage others behind the scenes.

Once you’ve shared what the person did, explain why it was so meaningful. For instance, you might touch on how the speaker’s compassionate response spoke to your heart.

Be Authentic

Keep in mind that writing a letter of gratitude isn’t like writing a college term paper. You don’t have to use fancy words or impress the recipient. Instead, share from the heart and use everyday language.

Handwritten Means More

In today’s fast paced world, it’s tempting to send your thoughts via email. But a physical, handwritten letter shows the recipient that you cared enough to spend valuable time writing to them.

A handwritten note often becomes a keepsake item. This gives the receiver a chance to re-read your kind words whenever they’re in need of encouragement.

Don’t Forget The Closing

When you’re finishing a note, you may struggle with how to end it. For a casual letter that’s going to a friend or family member you know well, you may want to use an expression of love like, “sending hugs” or “love you tons”.

But for a professional letter, you’ll want a more formal closing. Try using an expression like, “thanks again” or “sincerely”. These closings show you care without being too personal.

Think of the ones who’ve influenced you over the years and consider writing one of them a handwritten thank you note. A few people you may want to thank include: a teacher that believed in you, a mentor that guided you during a difficult season, or spiritual leader who encouraged you.

Stay tuned for an opportunity to pick up a Workbook and Journal.

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