Do you have what it takes????

Matthew Graves of Webbizinsider/ TopTierTraffic/ 100PercentTraffic/SocialMessageConnect/SplashPageSurfer 

wrote an article the other day that captured my attention.  I have included a part of it here in my blog.

“Have you been watching the Olympics?

Pretty amazing right? Such athletic talent on display. It is hard to believe when you watch Michael Phelps in the pool that someone 31 years old can still dominate a sport so solidly. He may not seem old compared to me 🙂 but for a competitive swimmer he is “over the hill”.

However, if you have read his biography, you quickly see that he got that way by acting like a “professional”.

Stephen Pressfield talks about the difference between a professional and an amateur in his book, “The War of Art”. A professional is someone who does what must be done … whether they “feel” like doing it or not. Stephen King, the amazingly prolific author, talks about sitting at this desk and writing every morning at 9 AM, whether he feels inpired or not. Michael Phelps goes to the pool and practices, whether he feels like it or not.

That is the trademark of a professional, in any discipline, including building an online business.

There is another big difference between amateurs and professionals in sport and business.

Professionals make 99% of the money, while the amateurs fight for the 1% left over when the professionals are done.

So what are you going to be … an amateur or a professional?

Are you going to do that it takes, whether you feel like it or not? Are you going to make sacrifices to move forward?

Are you willing to sacrifice your free time so you can work on your business?

Are you willing to cut back on spending in other areas so you can invest in your business?

Are you willing to sacrifice your comfort so you can grow outside of the comfort zone?

That is what it takes to be a professional, and professionals get 99% of the rewards.

If you aren’t willing to do those things, then let’s just acknowledge right now that the best you will ever do is 1%.

I am not trying to bring you down. I am trying to lift you up and show you what it takes to accomplish those goals that you have. I am trying to get you to see the reality of the landscape.

I would love to win the lottery, but I am not counting on it to pay for my kid’s college. I know I have to be professional at my business to do that.

There is a difference between a “dream” and a “goal”. A goal has a solid plan behind making it a reality. A dream is just a wish.”

So, what are you willing to do for your dream???



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