Confidence – something that many of us wish we had.  There are many myths about confidence and you will find out more about them in this youtube video by one of my favourite people Emily Chadbourne.  I just finished watching it and wanted to share it right away.

I will tell you right off that she uses a particular 4 letter word frequently, so if this turns you off, don’t watch, but if you want some really fantastic advice and information on the subject of Confidence and how to get it, then watch this video.

Get your confidence here… or at least learn more about how to get it

You will always find great information from Emily and she gives a number of free workshops through her Facebook group –

Hope you enjoy this and stay tuned for more confidence building tips over the next few weeks.

Fran Watson

Bulding Confidence

Develop Your Confidence






P.S.  Remember you always have a choice

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