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Just read this really cool quote about confidence from Benjamin Hardy which Connie Ragen Green posted in an article.  Boy, did it speak to me.

“The more confidence you have, the more imagination and courage you can have. You need both imagination and courage to create a better life.

In order to have real confidence, you not only need to succeed at what you’re doing. You need to COMPLETE things (of course, some things should be dropped).

If you’ve been avoiding things in your life, then you can’t have confidence. Avoidance means you’re living in and dragging the past with you, wherever you go.

Confidence comes from being congruent with yourself. It also comes from completing hard things. As you become increasingly congruent with yourself, and as you complete big stuff– your confidence will soar. This will open your future up in amazing ways.

What are you avoiding?

What must you complete?

How can you become more congruent in your life?”

I have so many unfinished projects around my house.  I am a great starter, but not always such a great finisher.  I guess that's why I often lack confidence in taking on projects and trying new things.  How about you?

There is much more about confidence, such as:  “Confidence is knowing I can cope, act as I intend, and succeed in a given situation. It’s trusting that I will reliably show up as my best self and do a good job. Confidence is not blocked by fear, is a combination of mindset and movement, and is best developed via trust, intention, congruent action, and self-reflection.”

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To building confidence

Fran Watson

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Fran. A few years ago I co-authored a book called “The Inner Game of Internet Marketing.” My section was an exploration of confidence and its role in shaping our life’s path. While I was researching and writing this book I realized how we can all change ourselves from the inside out by consistently focusing on increasing our level of confidence…in ourselves and in the people and situations we are surrounded by every day.
    Connie Ragen Green

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