Change Your Circumstances

Everyone has the ability to alchemize energy.

We all come with the hard wired instructions on how to it.

But, lots of people have forgotten or bought into a belief that they are only victims of circumstance.

And while many times, we are victim of circumstances, we are also always master of what we choose to do with the impact of those circumstances.

We rarely think twice about the positive or desired stuff that makes us feel good and like we’re winning.

And it makes sense because why would anyone not want to feel good? Why would we want to change the focus of that energy?

We wouldn’t so we don’t.

But, we almost always get sucked into the stuff that feels bad as if we are shackled to the undesired feelings.

Here’s where the ability to alchemize energy is huge.

You can take the most shitty circumstances and all the pain, confusion, frustration, and sadness they may bring and transmute that energy into a fierce drive full of determination, clarity, certainty, and curious joy by simply doing 2 things:

1. Becoming more self-aware
2. Practicing seeing every perspective possible

You can use that powerful energy as fuel or you can let it eat you alive from the inside out.

I’m not saying it’s always easy but I am saying with 100% certainty every one of us has that power and ability and using it makes you a very, very powerful creator!

Mike Kemski

You can change your circumstances by doing the above.  By looking at the positives in every situation.  Sometimes it is very tough, but it can be done.

Fran Watson


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