Building Self Confidence

Benefits of Building Self Confidence

Building Self-Confidence One Step At A Time

There are many benefits to building your self-confidence. When you're a more self-confident person, you'll feel more valuable, useful, happy, and overall experience more life satisfaction.


  • Increased Feelings of Self-Worth

    – When you take the time to build your self-confidence, you'll increase your feelings of self-worth. The more you value yourself and your skills, the easier it is to walk strong and feel the confidence surging through your body.


  • Experience More Happiness and Joy from Everyday Life

    – For people who lack confident feelings, it's also hard for them to feel joy and happiness. Those feelings might elicit bad feelings of guilt. But once you build your confidence up, you'll start to notice that you're just generally happy.


  • Lower Incidences of Fear and Anxiety

    – People who aren't confident will often be frozen in fear and anxiety when doing something out of their comfort zone. But people who practice overcoming their fear and working through their anxiety find that they experience those feelings less and less.


  • Enables You to Enjoy People More

    – Many people who have low self-image or no confidence tend to get nervous about being social. If you want to lower your social anxiety, find ways to build your confidence. One way to build confidence is to do things that make you feel good about yourself and successful and then do social things that involve your interests.


  • More Motivation to Do Things

    – The best part of working on your confidence is that those feelings of dread you have now about doing things will go away. You'll start naturally feeling more motivated and energetic.

  • Heightened Peace of Mind

    – Nothing is better in terms of feelings than feeling peaceful and calm. When you have peace of mind, you know you've done what you can, based on what you know, and that's enough. You'll sleep better, and that too will rub off into a better life.


  • Feeling More Successful

    – Building self-confidence will finally help you allow yourself to celebrate when you are successful. Being successful is not something you should be ashamed of or even surprised by. You are capable, and you deserve success and happiness.


Building your self-confidence takes a little bit of time and effort. Anyone can become more confident with a little bit of effort. Research the reasons, understand your personal causes, and then figure out what you need to do to make the change, then do it.



Signs of Low Self Confidence and Lack of Self-Esteem

Don't Let Fear Limit You

Often, lack of confidence is manifested as a different issue. Low confidence loves to masquerade as entirely other things, but if you notice the signs, you can mitigate the problem, improving your self-confidence level exponentially.


  • Oversensitivity – The only way to grow in your life is to experience criticism. Constructive criticism from your peers, yourself, and the authorities in your life are essential factors that help you learn to do better. If you feel too affected by such critique, it can be a sign of low self-confidence.


  • Perfectionism – The word implies something good, but the truth is, being a “perfectionist” is a lie. It's a lie you tell yourself to avoid working or doing something, and it's a lie that others say to you to make themselves look better. Nothing is perfect. Seeking perfection is a sign of low self-confidence, not a trait for which you should strive.


  • Socially Withdrawn – Many people who lack confidence manifest this attitude by being socially withdrawn. If you have trouble speaking up in groups and tend to avoid them or shut down in social groups, at work, or during your free time, this may be a sign that you lack confidence. The good news is you can work on this with practice.
Try New Things to Build Your Confidence
  • Easily Hostile – If you are going through life feeling a lot of anger and rage or are easily pushed to the edge by others' actions or words or even just situations that happen all the time, you may have a problem with your confidence.


  • Experiences a High Level of Fear and Anxiety – People who lack confidence also tend to manifest anxiety both diagnosed and undiagnosed, making them fearful of certain situations or even being out in public.


  • Difficulty Speaking Up – Many people who lack confidence also find it difficult or even impossible, to speak up for themselves and others. If you avoid conflict at all costs, it may be due to your lack of self-confidence.


  • Lack of Healthy Boundaries – Many people who aren't confident and do not behave confidently try to make up for it by being people pleasers who have few if any boundaries.


  • Preoccupied with Personal Problems – For some people who aren't confident, their lack of confidence comes off as self-centered because they are very preoccupied with their own personal problems over anyone else's life or problems. This is not purposeful, but if you have trouble helping your family or friends due to your own issues always taking the forefront, it may be a lack of confidence rather than an actual lack of empathy.


  • Self-Hatred – When people have no confidence, they tend to look down on themselves and even participate in self-hatred. People who hate themselves often manifest this feeling as anger to others, but in truth, it's self-directed. Do you like yourself?


  • Feelings of Worthlessness – Do you feel like you are a valuable person, at least to your family and friends, if not society? If not, this may be due to your lack of confidence because it's not unusual for an unconfident person to feel as if they add no value to anyone or the world.


  • Physical Symptoms – Many people who experience low confidence levels also actually feel the symptoms in their bodies. Many people with low confidence also have high body pain and a higher incidence of autoimmune issues. Which came first? It's more than likely an autoimmune issue, but it manifests psychologically before the physical effects start, so it's hard to notice at first.


  • Poor Body Image – Many people without confidence also have a poor body image. They often think they are “too” whatever is terrible at the time. They may be stunning according to the day's ideals, but they can't see it due to low self-confidence.


  • Feelings of Overwhelm – Do you get overwhelmed easily? If you always feel as if you're playing catchup in life, no matter how much you work, this can be very daunting and crazymaking. No one likes being behind all the time.


  • Unrealistic Goal Setting — Something as simple as never learning how to set goals properly can cause a person to fail at things that they could succeed at given the right tools and direction, thus causing significant problems with confidence and feelings of failure.


  • Poor Decision-Making Skills – When you lack confidence, it's hard to make decisions because you don't trust yourself to choose the right thing no matter how much research you do. Are you suffering from stagnation due to a lack of decision-making skills? If it feels like life just happens to you, it's likely due to not being active enough in the decision-making process.


  • People Pleasing – Do you have a hard time saying no. You don't even say no when you know you want to and need to. For example, you know you should say no because the request is out of line, but you say yes anyway to avoid conflict.  Remember when you say yes to someone, you are saying no to yourself.


  • Negative Thought Patterns – If you wake up and have negative thoughts right away, you may have a problem with your confidence level. This is especially true if the negative thoughts have nothing to do with reality. In that, the things you're focused on aren't even something you can control. If your thoughts currently focus on the worst-case scenario, it's best to learn a new way of thinking.


If these thoughts make you feel like you're not good enough, not successful enough, and that you never will be, it's likely all due to experiencing a lack of self-confidence.  Go back to the beginning and read the benefits of being more self-confident.


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