Becoming A Winner

I am continuing on with my 3 wins per day as set up by Matthew Graves.  He challenged a number of us to come up with 3 wins each night for the next day and to report back to the group on how we did on our wins.

Although many of the group are Internet Marketers, some are new and just getting started, while others have offline businesses as well.  The wins are determined by the person, not the group, and can be as simple as getting to Church on Sunday, cleaning the  kitchen, chopping wood for the fireplace and surfing Traffic Exchanges.  Others may commit to contacting new signups or finding a new way to market their product.  What you choose doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you complete your set tasks for the “Win”.

We started just before New Years – December 30th – and each day Matthew posts a reminder so that all the posts can be made as comments and easily read by others.

Some of my wins have included writing a letter to my daughter who is overseas.  I have committed to writing a letter on the first day of each month for this year.  My wins have also included writing a blog post, preparing speeches for Toastmasters, calling a plumber about my frozen pipes, surfing traffic exchanges and sending out emails, updating my website, my boyfriend’s website, our computer club website, etc.

Why not challenge yourself to 3 wins per day for the next month.  Get a friend to join you so that you can encourage each other.  You may be surprised how much you can accomplish if you try.

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As Matthew says:  “If you want this week to be a “Turning Point” then it is completely up to you! You are the one who will either make this week AWESOME or “just another week in the rut”.”

To your success – BANABU

Fran Watson

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