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Time For Some Self Love

Self Love – How long has it been? Isn’t it time for some self love?  How long has it been since you first had that dream? You know the one you had as a young child – maybe to be … Continue reading

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Lacking Confidence?

Self-Help Tips for Dealing with a Lack of Confidence Did you know that many people say that they have social anxieties? It’s right up there with public speaking as one of the biggest fears. Social fears are one of the … Continue reading

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Fresh Start – New Year Resolutions

Fresh Start When Riley turned 30 he was unhappy to still be in a sales job he never really liked.  He decided it was time to stop procrastinating and find a new job.  Unfortunately he made the mistake of quitting … Continue reading

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Christmas Gifts

Christmas Past As my girlfriend’s son tore open the Christmas card I had given him he shouted out… “Who’s the cheapskate that only gave me $10.?” I wanted to disappear.  His mother reprimanded him but the damage was done. My … Continue reading

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