Building Your Confidence Requires Action

Building your confidence requires action. What is something you want to achieve? Write it down and then make a plan to achieve it. Do you need help? Ask for help. But do it.

Take Action to Build COnfidence

Build Your Confidence by Taking Action

How Diet, Exercise, and Confidence Are Connected

Do you struggle with not feeling confident? While therapy and coaching can help, it may also be of benefit to address your diet and exercise schedules.

The Connection

When you eat well and exercise, it may help boost your self-confidence. Why? Here are some thoughts.

* Body image – While exercising won’t necessarily result in the perfect body, it does tend to give you a sense that you are being proactive about your health; you’re doing the right thing and working toward getting fit. Recognizing this – even if you can’t get rid of those love handles – can help you feel more confident in yourself.

* Mood food – The food you eat can affect your mood, sources say, which in turn affects your confidence. Low blood sugar can cause you to feel grouchy and easily annoyed, and a diet high in sugar may contribute to depression (the ultimate in low confidence!). Lean protein combined with complex carbohydrates is a winning combination.

* Endorphins – Exercise stimulates your body to produce endorphins, which are brain chemicals that help you feel good. These substances play a role in relieving depression and improving mood.

* Energy level – If you’re struggling with self-confidence, feeling sluggish doesn’t help. Exercise and a healthy diet are key elements to feeling energetic and, ultimately, confident.

* Vitamins and minerals – Your confidence is affected by how you look and feel, and getting the right vitamins and minerals is important for things like teeth, skin, and hair. When these aspects of your appearance are healthy and at their optimum, it helps you feel better about yourself.

Specifically, some vitamins and minerals are directly implicated in improving mood and, consequently, confidence. These include B-complex vitamins and Vitamin D. In fact, fat-soluble Vitamin D is sometimes used by medical professionals to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). When you are getting the right amount of key vitamins and minerals, you are much more likely to feel confident in yourself.

* Productivity – When your energy and confidence levels are up due to exercise and diet, you are much more likely to be more productive in work, school, and relationships. And this becomes a positive cycle – increased productivity boosts your confidence even more.

* Positive effects – If you begin to exercise and eat healthfully, you may find yourself looking better – you may experience weight loss, better muscle tone, and healthier skin. Looking in the mirror and liking what you see can go a long way toward boosting confidence!

To Being Confident

Fran Watson

Bulding Confidence

Develop Your Confidence

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Work On Your Strengths

Many times we are told to work on our weaknesses, but why not try working on your strengths, building them to be even stronger. That is what athletes do and professional speakers and others who are great achievers. Look at what you do well, do more of it and you will overcome your weaknesses.

Strengths not Weakness

Build on Your Strengths

From Self-Consciousness to Self-Confidence – Tips for Parents

As a parent, it can be painful to watch your teen struggle with self-consciousness and low confidence. Is there anything you can do to help build your teen’s self-confidence? Here are some tips.

Learning to Fail

We want our children to be safe, physically and emotionally. But sources say that this can become too much of a good thing. If you feel the need to protect your child from any difficulty – not allowing him to date, for instance, to protect him from a broken heart; or not letting her try out for a sports team because you don’t think she’ll be the best – then you may end up undermining your teen’s self-confidence. Learning how to try and fail and try again is one of life’s most important lessons.

You may think that failure will destroy your teen – after all, if you allow him or her to fail, won’t that destroy his or her self-confidence? Surprisingly, failure can be an opportunity – it’s a chance to self-assess and ultimately build self-confidence.

Equip Your Teen

Letting your teen flounder on his own without providing guidance can compromise his sense of confidence. He needs some practical tools so that he feels confidently equipped to tackle problems and issues in his life. Have heart-to-heart talks about dating, schoolwork, and parental expectations, and arm your teen with practical advice on what to do in these areas of life. Sometimes, teens just need help formulating a plan of action to feel confident.

Don’t Always Blame Others

We all know that parent – the mom who yells at the coach when her child strikes out, or the dad who yells at the teacher when his child is reprimanded. But is that parent you? Think carefully – do you tend to take up your teen’s cause no matter what and assume the world is against her? Sometimes, in your eagerness to be a friend to your teen, you may forget that sometimes your teen is in the wrong and needs your correction, or at least your admission that she is on the wrong track.

Beautiful Facts

Most teens are not aware that the images they see on television and in magazines are largely staged. Celebrities who seem perfectly beautiful aren’t necessarily so – they have the advantage of being able to spend most of every day working on their appearance, and they also have the advantage of a camera lens between themselves and the rest of the world.

Introduce your teen to the deceptive nature of magazine photography and movie cameras, and point out that keeping up appearances can be so exhausting that few celebrities have normal, healthy lives and relationships.

To Building Confidence

Fran Watson

Bulding Confidence

Develop Your Confidence


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Taking Bigger Steps

Every time you take a step out of your comfort zone you are building your confidence. Be courageous. Take bigger steps!

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Taking Steps Outside Your Comfort Zone

Tips on Boosting Self-Confidence for Teens and Others

Whether you’re a male or female teen, your self-confidence is important. While the emphasis is often on girls’ self-esteem, boys need to be confident, too, and often struggle just as much (although perhaps in different areas). Here are some tips to help teens build their self-confidence.

Recognize Your Talents

It’s easy to blow off your abilities, especially if your peers make fun of them (and they probably do so out of jealousy). But get serious with yourself and make a list of things you love to do and are good at. Keep this list just for yourself and look at it often. Remember it when you flunk a test or say something you wish you hadn’t. Those talents of yours won’t go away, and you can rely on them for the rest of your life…as long as you cultivate them.

Cultivate Your Abilities

You may have so many interests and abilities that it’s impossible to develop them all; or, you may have one thing you really love to do. Regardless, look into developing and using some of your abilities in applications beyond school. Not only will it open more opportunities to look for activities around your community, but it might also remove you from peer judgment.

Be Like a Duck

Have you ever heard the expression that you should be like a duck and let negative words and attitudes roll off your back? It’s a good thing to cultivate – if you take every criticism or off-hand comment to heart, you might find yourself paralyzed with fear of other’s judgment. Remember, school and teenage-hood are not forever. You will get out of this stage and you shouldn’t let the criticisms of others sabotage your future, which lasts a lot longer than middle and high school!

Resist the Urge to Compare

When you look at your friends, classmates, or pictures of celebrities, try to resist the temptation to scrutinize them as the gold standard to which you should aspire. Someone will always have better legs, superior athletic prowess, nicer hair, etc. than you. But those people don’t set the standard for you; you are who you are, and they can’t measure up to that, either!

Listen to the Inner Voice – Then Tell It to Shut Up

Stop and listen to your inner thoughts for a while. What do you automatically think of yourself in response to certain situations? What do you say to yourself when you wake up, interact with friends, or go to class? If you are tearing yourself down with negative thoughts, you need to stop. Address the negative self-talk and replace it with positive self-talk instead.

To Building Your Confidence

Fran Watson

Bulding Confidence

Develop Your Confidence


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Positive Self Talk

Have you ever paid attention to the number of times you say something negative to yourself during the day. Make a point of stopping when you hear something negative and tell yourself something positive. Instead of saying “That was a stupid thing to do.” say “Next time I will do that differently.” Give yourself a chance. Be kind to yourself.

Positive Self Talk

Use Positive Self Talk

Tips to Help Overcome Shyness and Social Awkwardness

Feeling shy or awkward in certain situations is understandable. Don’t we all have a little nervousness before we go talk to that guy or girl, or get sweaty palms before giving a speech? For some, though, shyness and social awkwardness may not be circumstantial, but constant. This can be very frustrating and hard to overcome, but there are some things you can do to help overcome your shyness and approach people in social situations. Here are some tips.

Learn to Laugh

There’s something about laughter that makes everyone feel more comfortable. This is why “ice breaker” activities at parties are often designed to get the participants laughing. So don’t be afraid to laugh at someone’s jokes, or learn a few funny lines yourself (not canned “pick-up” lines, but clever observations or comments).

Force Yourself to Stay

Sometimes, shy people feel so uncomfortable in a social situation that they just want it to end; they just want to get away. Consciously resist this impulse. Tell yourself to stand your ground, stay put, and interact. Remember, the other person is not going to breathe fire; he or she just wants to have a conversation and get to know you.

Learn to be Comfortable with Silence

Social situations can feel especially awkward if you are uncomfortable with mutual silence. This may trigger shy people to “babble” to fill the silence, which then makes them feel even more awkward because they feel like what they’re saying is silly or nonsensical. So be cool – some silence between people is okay. In fact, it helps give the other person a chance to think before he or she speaks. The person you’re speaking with will appreciate this!


Just like physical stretching, socially and psychologically stretching can be somewhat uncomfortable, even painful. But also like physical stretching, it’s necessary. If your first instinct is to say “No” when someone asks you to do something, stop and think first. Tell the person you will get back to him or her if you aren’t sure. This will give you some time to pluck up your courage and say “Yes.”

To your Confidence

Fran Watson

Bulding Confidence

Develop Your Confidence



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Face Your Fear With Confidence

Face your fear. Step out with faith in yourself that you will be able to accomplish your goals. You can do it!

Defeat fear by taking action

Acting without fear

Mindsets that Lead to Low Self-Confidence and How to Change Them

If you suffer from low self-confidence, you might be stuck in some negative mindsets that are affecting the way you think about yourself and, ultimately, your self-esteem. Negative mindsets tend to have a lot of “always” or “never” talk, creating a sense of entrapment and hopelessness. Here are some examples of negative mindsets that can lead to low confidence.

“I will never get it right.”

Thinking this way can keep you from trying again, or even trying something for the first time. It makes it only too easy to give up.

“Nobody understands what this is like.”

When you lack self-confidence, a lot of times you assume that everyone else has it together and you’re the odd man or woman out. You may feel isolated, and feel as if others have their lives together while you are still floundering.

“I am totally useless.”

When you lack confidence, you may feel like you don’t have anything of value to contribute, whether it’s to your workplace, relationships, or something else.

“I am a complete failure.”

No one fails at every single thing; but to a person with low self-confidence, it can sure seem that way. You may feel like everything you’ve ever tried has failed, even if this is not true.

“I could never do that.”

Do you see someone with a successful lifestyle you wish you had? If you lack self-confidence, you may have the above reaction. Instead of being inspired and wanting to create that lifestyle for yourself, you look at that person and get depressed, thinking you could never have what they have.

How Can These Mindsets Be Overcome?

In order to overcome these destructive mindsets that lead to low confidence, it’s necessary to reprogram your thought processes. You will need to pay attention to your negative self-talk and immediately change it to something positive.

For example, instead of “I will never get it right,” you could stop that thought in its tracks and think instead, “I have trouble with this, but if I keep trying and seek out the right help, I know I can succeed.” Rather than, “I could never do that,” think, “I would love to do that! There’s no reason why I can’t have that lifestyle if I work at it.”

You may need therapy and/or counseling to overcome these mindsets. But like everything else in life, you can do it if you set realistic goals and have confidence in yourself!

Stay Confident

Fran Watson

Bulding Confidence

Develop Your Confidence

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Have You Been Rejected?

If you have ever lost a job like I have, watch this:

If you have been told that you were “not the right fit”, perhaps you too will go out and find your niche, whether it be starting your own company, working from home, or working for a company that fits your values.

To your success

Fran Watson

Bulding Confidence

Develop Your Confidence

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Acting Confident


You may be surprised how others see you. If you were to ask them they might say “you are so confident. I wish I could be as confident as you.” They have no idea you are shaking in your boots.

Believe in Yourself Act Confident

Looking Confident is not the same as Feeling Confident

Steps to Confidence

Building confidence is a necessary exercise for many of us. If self-confidence does not come naturally, building it up takes deliberate, conscious effort. While no step-by-step program is perfect, following are some steps that may help you build up your sense of confidence.


Write them down. Make a list of your goals, long and short term, and then below each goal write the steps it will take to get there. For example, if one of your goals is to launch a website to earn money, your list might look like this:

Launch Website
a. Reserve domain
b. Set up hosting
c. Contact web designer and discuss layout
d. Write a short ebook as a promotional giveaway
e. Write content and newsletters for site to cover several months after launch

Whether it’s relationships, business ventures, or self-improvement, writing your goals and their necessary steps can make those goals much less formidable and much more doable. That alone helps you feel more confident in moving forward.

Stop Comparing

While it’s good to have aspirations toward self-improvement, constantly comparing yourself to the best of the best in your realm can get discouraging. For example, if you’d like to have a talk radio show or Podcast, you might be inspired by high-profile radio hosts; being inspired by them is fine, but beating yourself up because you are not exactly like they are – complete with millions of listeners – will only discourage you.

Build a Positive Self-Image

It seems that when you are just certain you are going to fail before you try something, you are more likely to fail when you do try it. If you have a negative self-image and think you just can’t achieve anything, it’s likely that you won’t – thus underscoring this false impression about yourself. Stop listening to the negative inner voice and instead tell yourself that you can achieve your goals and, even if you fail, it’s not because you are a bad person or because you didn’t try.

Get to Know Yourself

This means spending some quiet time thinking or writing in a journal – some quiet time by yourself in which you assess your strengths, weaknesses, and personality. What are your character traits? What quirks and talents do you have? Pretend like you are being interviewed and that the interviewer is trying to get to know you. What questions would they ask?

Turn off the Media

For a while, it might be good to turn off the TV and put down the magazines. The perfect-people images found in the media can be discouraging for those who are struggling with self-confidence.

To building Your Confidence

Fran Watson

Bulding Confidence

Develop Your Confidence

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Learn to Love Yourself

Learn to love yourself. You don’t need others to love you. Self-respect starts from the inside. Self-respect enables you to develop confidence.  Take a closer look at all the wonderful aspects of your personality and be good to you!

Building Confidence through Personal Growth

Learn To Love Yourself – You Are Worth It

I talk to a lot of professionals and sales people and even entrepreneurs, people starting their own businesses, and they want to learn “how can I develop more confidence or even just get myself a bit of confidence so that I can be more successful in what I do.”

You have to realize where confidence comes from and what confidence means.

Confidence is your ability to take action and feel good about yourself.  Feel like whatever it is you’re about to endeavor into, that you can do a good job and that you can come out of the other end of it looking good.

Now, this doesn’t happen by accident.  When you look at the way confidence appears in our lives, it appears as a result of doing things over and over again and developing a proficiency from it.

Confidence, in and of itself, is not something that you’re born with or not born with.  It’s something that’s developed over time through practice and through repetition.

When you first learn how to walk, when you were let’s say 12 months old or 13 months old or whatever it may be for you, you were not very confident at walking.  In fact, you couldn’t walk.  But you were determined to try.

You stood on the side of the sofa and you pushed yourself off and you would fall.  You would try it again and you would fall, and you would do it over and over again.

Your level of confidence in the beginning was tiny.  In fact, there probably was no confidence.  But you were so determined to do it, that you kept going. 

Eventually you took a step, you followed that with another step, and soon enough you were walking and now you’re an adult and you can walk from one side to the other of a room or a hallway or whatever, and not even think about the act of walking.

It’s just something that comes to you naturally.  If someone were to ask you your level of confidence on a scale of 0 to 10, how confident you are that you could walk across the room, you’d probably say 11.  It doesn’t even occur to you.  You just do it.

The same thing goes for confidence in all areas of life, including your professional life.

Understand this process.  Nobody is born with natural confidence at any level of their life.  If you see somebody who’s confident right now, it’s because they’ve developed that confidence by repetitive learning and trying and failing and getting the feedback and doing it again.  Having the courage to continue.

Do you have the courage to continue?  I think you do.  Continue with what you’re doing right now, develop that confidence and you’ll only continue to grow.

Fran Watson

Bulding Confidence

Develop Your Confidence






P.S.  Post a note below if you are interested in an Affirmations journal and I will send it to you.


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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Comfort Zones

Do something that is outside your comfort zone. Once you achieve one new thing it is easier to do another. Challenge yourself – attend a class to make something or learn something you are interested in. Don’t worry if no one else goes with you. Do it for yourself.

Developing Confidence

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Emily Chadbourne has this to say about stepping outside your comfort zone:

I confess that I have not yet stepped outside my comfort zone to do videos, but I am almost ready to do so now that I have watched Emily’s video.

Fran Watson

P.S.  You can find out more about Emily here:



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Confidence – something that many of us wish we had.  There are many myths about confidence and you will find out more about them in this youtube video by one of my favourite people Emily Chadbourne.  I just finished watching it and wanted to share it right away.

I will tell you right off that she uses a particular 4 letter word frequently, so if this turns you off, don’t watch, but if you want some really fantastic advice and information on the subject of Confidence and how to get it, then watch this video.

Get your confidence here… or at least learn more about how to get it

You will always find great information from Emily and she gives a number of free workshops through her Facebook group –

Hope you enjoy this and stay tuned for more confidence building tips over the next few weeks.

Fran Watson

Bulding Confidence

Develop Your Confidence






P.S.  Remember you always have a choice

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