Hello and Welcome to my BANABU blog.

My name is Fran Watson.  I am a Career and Employment Counsellor/Coach and I work from home by telephone and email.  I also have an online business.

I have always been interested in self-development.  At the age of 38 I began university, while working full-time and raising 4 children as a single mom.  My children were involved in hockey, figure skating, track & field, music, drama and more.  I spent many hours at the arena studying while they were practicing, taking my books along with me no matter where I went.  I graduated in 2000 at 51 years of age (so now you can figure out how old I am).  My children were very supportive of my studying and they all attended my graduation along with other family members and friends.

A few years ago I came across Mike Kemski and his program BANABU.  I was hooked.  As the guy in the razor commercial said – “I liked it so much I bought the company.”  Well, I didn’t exactly buy the company, but I did buy a site license to be able to share his material and there is much to share.

Much of what you will find on this blog is what I have written or found interesting.  I have put links to other people where appropriate/needed.

I hope that you will return to my blog often and that you will comment on what you find here.

BANABU – Building A New And Better Universe / Building A New And Better U