Unforseen Circumstances

What do you do when you are hit with something that changes your life in a major way?

Do you rant and rave?  Do you scream and cry?  Do you try to ignore it?  Or do you muscle through it?  Or perhaps you do a combination of the above.  Or perhaps you suffer in silence, keeping everything to yourself and not letting anyone else know how you are affected.

At the end of November, my 97 year old mother had to be hospitalized.  My life as I knew it changed in an instant as I began to spend the days at her bedside.

It is now May and she has been in and out of hospital several times.  Currently she is still in hospital.  Her body has failed her.  She can no longer walk, and her mind is failing as well.  I am still spending days by her bedside, which has had a severe impact on my work and my income.  I have now brought in my computer and am working while she sleeps.

She has been asleep for a couple of hours now and will be waking up soon, so I will sign off and come back later to write some more.

Fran Watson


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One Year Ends and Another Begins

New Beginnings


How was your 2017?  Did you have some good experiences?   Some bad experiences?  Some breakthroughs?  Some disappointments?

My 2017 had all of these – the birth of my great grand-daughter, the wedding of my youngest daughter, my oldest daughter visiting from Taiwan, getting together with all of the family for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

December brought some difficulties with my mom being admitted to the hospital for the month, but she is now back at her residence and doing well.

My career counselling business took a bit of a hit as I spent the month at the hospital with my mom and wasn’t able to book any appointments.


But here is a new year and a new start and I am now working on my business again, setting out a plan for each area – my speaking business, my career coaching and my online marketing.    My plan is to have lots of information for you in the near future – some downloads, some e-books and more.

See you soon




Fran Watson

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Change Your Behaviour


“Despite irrefutable proof of what we can accomplish in a short amount of time, most of us remain firmly fixed in the comfort zone and follow pre-prescribed paths.”

“You cannot change your behavior nor experience exponential growth, until and unless you change your beliefs…and that the most important element in your strategy to win the battle for your mind and productivity is your own psychology.”

Learn more

To your success

Fran Watson


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Happiness is a Song

Have a wonderful day… Click here for a bit of happiness


Happiness is a choice. It’s not the absence of problems, it’s the attitude that you carry regardless of your problems. – Gary Brian Blair

Don’t worry…be happy……….even if it is just for 5 minutes

Fran Watson




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BANABU – Building A New And Better Universe

From the original developer of the BANABU principle and name – Mike Kemski – your opportunity to pick up his book on Kindle. Click here

best project

You can find Mike on Facebook still sharing his knowledge and wisdom.  He has hard times beyond what most of us face, but he has come through victorious to share what he has learned with the rest of us.  You owe it to yourself to check out this page.

To your success

Fran Watson


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One Day At A Time

Live one day at a time. The only moment that we can control is the moment that we are in. Accept it and enjoy it, and just maybe you will enjoy the next one too!

It’s amazing how much of our life we lose by worrying about what we did in the past, what didn’t go right in the past, who hurt us, etc.  And then we lose more by worrying about what might happen in the future – what if we lose our job, what if we lose our relationship, what if Donald Trump does declare war on North Korea.


It’s time to live one day at a time.  Take a look at what is happening in your life right now.  Do you have food to eat today?  Great.  Do you have a place to live today?  Wonderful.  Do you have a job to go to?  Congratulations.  Do you have people to talk to?  You are lucky.

What if you don’t have any of these things?  Then it is time to take action TODAY.  Don’t sit and complain about your situation, think about ONE thing you can do to change it.

If you don’t have a job, you can go online and look at job ads.  Maybe that is all you can do today, but that’s okay.  Tomorrow your action step could be to actually apply to a couple of jobs.  If you don’t have food to eat, find out where you can get some for free or at a very low cost.


The point is to look at where you are right now – good or bad.  Appreciate what you do have, change what you need to change.  Do you want to be healthier?  Today eat a good meal, not junk food.  Do you want to be more educated?  Today start reading a good book.  Do you want more friends?  Today be a friend to someone new.

It is up to you to live one day at a time.  No one else can live your life for you.  You make the choices that will make you better or worse.  Choose TODAY for the better.  Forget the past, it won’t change.  Forget the worries of the future – there is nothing you can do about them right now.  Choose happiness and contentment today in whatever situation you are in.

Whenever you bring awareness to what you’re directly experiencing via your senses, or to your state of mind via your thoughts and emotions, you’re being mindful. And there’s growing research showing that when you train your brain to be mindful, you’re actually remodeling the physical structure of your brain.

Mindfulness is available to us in every moment, whether through meditations and body scans, or mindful moment practices like taking time to pause and breathe when the phone rings instead of rushing to answer it.

To being more mindful

Fran Watson


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Are You Lacking In Confidence?

Self-Help Tips for Dealing with a Lack of Confidence

Many of my clients tell me that they have lost their confidence.  Sometimes this is due to the loss of a job, or a boss or co-worker’s criticism.  Other times it could be because of a relationship breakdown or the loss of a family member.

Many people suffer from a lack of confidence. This is nothing to be ashamed of, it is a common problem. Here is a list of ways that people have been able to deal with their lack of confidence.

1. Live in the moment. When you live in the moment you can focus on the now rather than focus on the past where you experienced your hurt and encountered your fears. This is called “mindfulness”.  As you stay in the present you realize that you are okay, the past can’t hurt you and the future isn’t here yet. Mindfulness is something that takes time to master but it is worthwhile.  You can find out more about mindfulness  here:

2. Develop awareness. When you’re aware, you can notice how you are acting during certain situations.  You can stop and take a deep breath and see whether you are reacting or responding.  When our emotions are high we usually react.  When we create space between our emotions and actions, we are more able to simply respond to someone or something in a healthier way.

3. Write in a journal. Many of our thoughts and feelings are stuck inside the subconscious part of our brain. By writing, we are able to release those thoughts. Many people find it helpful to have a special book or journal to write in.  They set aside some time in the morning to just write for a period of 10 minutes or more, just free writing.  Once you’re done writing, you can take some time to look over what you wrote and try figuring out why you felt a specific way. This can often help you to separate the negative thoughts you may have from the truth behind who you actually are; a unique person who can do whatever you set your mind to.


4. Don’t be judgmental. How many times have you told yourself that you were bad or wrong?  How many times have you judged others as wrong when they don’t do what you expect or want them to do? Take some time to analyze and think about some of these things. When we can approach our lives without judgment, we are able to accept ourselves, our experiences, failures, and successes. We are also more open to accepting others just as they are, whether what they do appears good or bad.

5. Stay connected to who you are. First you have to know who you are.  You do this by spending some time by yourself, looking at what you like to do, what you want for yourself, rather than always doing things for others. By doing this you are able to establish a connection with yourself and reduce possible people-pleasing habits. Don’t always think of other needs over your own. You are just as important as everyone else is; don’t forget that! Set some time in your appointment book for you.  It might be an hour to read a book, have a massage, get your hair done.  It doesn’t matter, as long as it is something YOU want to do and not something you are doing for someone else.

6. Practice mindful meditation. Many people are confused by the word “meditation”.  They think of people sitting and chanting all day.  The purpose of meditation is to make our mind calm and peaceful. There are many different ways to meditate.  Check out some of them here.  Meditation allows you to let go off the negative thoughts that invade your mind on a daily basis. You don’t have to accept those damaging thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs as part of who you are. Take time out of each day to take a few deep breaths and slowly feel the negativity leave your body and mind.

7. Let it all go. All those negative thoughts that are constantly swirling around in your brain making you feel “less than”.  We often have a hard time recognizing our strengths and talents.  Many times we are not aware that things we do with ease are talents.  When people compliment us on them, we dismiss them with a casual “It’s nothing”.  Take time to recognize what people are saying about you.  Sit down and take a look at the things you have done well.  You can find at least one thing to focus on to help get rid of that voice that whispers, “You can’t do anything right”.


8. Show yourself some love. Take a look in the mirror and find something about yourself that  you like – your eyes, your hair, your nose, your lips, your ankles!  It doesn’t matter what you choose, just pick something and tell yourself that you like it.  We are our own worst critics.  Most of the time other people don’t notice the “so-called” flaws that seem to overwhelm us.  It’s time to give yourself a break.  Everyone deserves compassion, whether it be from yourself or someone else. When you tell yourself how much you love you, you’ll gain a sense of strength, safety, and acceptance.

Everyone has things they aren’t confident about, whether it be about themselves or a situation they aren’t comfortable in. Each one of us is unique in our own way, but sometimes we forget that. So before getting too down on yourself, remember who you are and remember that you are loved and supported by the people you carry close to your heart.

Fran Watson


P.S.  This past month I have written a series of articles on confidence which you can find at my other blog – SimpleStepsToSpeakingSuccess

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Do It Now

I found this powerpoint on my hard drive today when I was looking for other things and I thought I would share it…it is very appropriate to our lives.  It is full of wisdom.





Fran Watson

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Rainy Days


It has been raining in our area for the past month or more.  It seems ever since the snow left we have had rain with only one or two sunny days.  It has gone past the point of being good for the ground as we have had floods and more floods and the water is still higher than it usually is at this time of year causing many disasters and loss of homes and furnishings.  I am grateful that I have not been in an area where I have been flooded this year although it has happened to me in the past.

For many areas this rain would be life giving, it would end a drought, allow crops to grow, but we can not control where the rain will fall and who will be blessed or not.

Depending on your circumstances, a rainy day may be a blessing as it allows you to sit and relax and contemplate your life.  To have a quiet cup of coffee or tea and think about the direction your life is heading.  Perhaps you have been extremely busy over the past few weeks, with many trials and tribulations seeming to overwhelm you and the rain helps you to think about your next steps.

If you are a farmer, you are probably unhappy, thinking about the crops that you are not able to get into the ground, wondering when you will be able to do so and how long it will be til harvest, how good the harvest will be, will the crops be ruined by the rain, will it EVER stop raining.

Each of us has choices to make as we face the rain.  We can curse it or love it, but we can’t change it, so we have to accept it and decide what to do with our day.  Perhaps it is a time to catch up on those inside chores we have been putting off.  Cleaning out the junk drawer or our closets.  Throwing away paper and boxes that have been accumulating.  Reading a good book that has been waiting for you to have the time.  The latter would be my choice on a rainy day.  As a matter of fact, I think I will go brew myself a cup of coffee and grab a good book….  Catch you later.

BANABU – one day at a time.

Fran Watson


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Four Letter Words

The Power of Four Letter Words
By MaryEllen Tribby

Recently my friend Ryan Lee wrote a wonderful essay on the words we choose and the connotation they hold. And as a parent, it was extremely synergistic with my philosophy on child rearing. And as a human being, it is something I implement in my business and everyday life.

Ryan’s words poignantly reminded me of my childhood. You see growing up my dad had a saying that went like this “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.  I have repeated these same words to my kids many times, as they never had the opportunity to meet my dad. But I like to think that through his teachings that I have handed down to my children connect them to my dad on a daily basis.

It also made me think about the fact that we tend to lock away certain words. We put them in an imaginary vault and rarely use them. And these jettison-unspoken words are ones that should be shared on a regular basis. Words that if used more often could change our businesses, our relationships and our overall happiness.

This epiphany was so strong; I needed to make a list. By the time I was done, I knew I needed to share that list with you.

So here are the ten words that go unspoken far to often. But if incorporated regularly starting today could change your life for the better:

The Ten Most Powerful Four Letter Words

Love: When was the last time you told your kids, spouse and customers (yes, I said customers) you love them. I know you feel it, so say it. And according to experts, people who express their love are healthier and live longer!

Hope: By talking about hope you are actually verbalizing what you want. Verbalizing is the first step. The second step is actually doing, hence making your dreams come true.

Good: There is good in all people. And this is something we should focus on more. Tell your kids that they did a good job. Tell your clients that are doing good work. The more you use this word, the more good will come into your life.

Feel: Ask others how they feel and make sure you ask yourself how you feel about a situation. To often, we keep things bottled up. When we ask the question, we often find answers that remove roadblocks.

Kind: Telling others that they are kind is like a chain reaction. When you acknowledge and encourage kindness, it actually become the norm.

Live: If you ask a terminally ill person what they want more than anything in the world, hey will most likely tell you they want to live. We need to share with everyone that they should live their life to the fullest, and not waste time.

Joke: Ask someone if they want to hear a joke and you will see an immediate smile. As a matter of fact, when I speak in public I usually ask the audience if they want to hear a joke. Just the word joke lightens the atmosphere and creates a better learning environment.

Gift: Whenever you say the word gift, something great is bound to happen. It could be an actually physical present or it could be the gift you hold within. The more we talk about these gifts, the more we share and spread happiness.

Life: This is one of the most precious words. When we ask someone about their life, we should do so with gracious intent. We should honor this word, as it is the key to our being.

To-be: Ok, so to-be is a compound word. But nevertheless, it is so incredibly strong. We should always be bringing up, not only want we want to-do and accomplish, but want we want to-be! This helps us strive for greatness.

The Number One Worst Word

Of course we could make a list of obvious “bad” words. But in my view there is only one word that is so heinous and that is  . . .

Hate: Now here’s the reason this is the worst word in the world. When you actually say you hate someone or some group of people, you are actually destroying yourself.

And this word in fact encapsulates all the other bad words.

You Are What You Say

There is an old saying “You are what you eat”-which of course is true.

Well I would like your help in making “You are what you say” a new saying, a movement in fact.
You see the more you say the ten most powerful four letter words, the more you will live them!  Soon you will see this affect every aspect of your life. You will notice a difference with your children. And how they communicate with others.

You will notice a difference with your colleagues, business associates and customers. They will flock to you instead of fleeing.

You will notice a difference with your significant other and close friends and family members. The time you spend with each other will be exponentially more enjoyable.

But mostly, you notice a difference within!

And by eliminating the “bad” word, the freer you will literally become!


You can subscribe to Mary Ellen’s emails  and check out her Facebook page here



Fran Watson

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